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Lionbridge GSS Ltd.

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Online map quality analyst- denmark
indrykket d. 26. februar 2019

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Lionbridge GSS Ltd.
Emmet Street
Att.: Dalia Kharoufeh
1000 Mayo
DK-Jobs ref.: 8956
Tlf.: 003539673700

26. marts 2019

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Web Analyst

B.A., IT og engelsk

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Part time, Independent Contractor, Work from Home Job
The Role
Are you looking for a job that gives you the opportunity to work with one of America’s top 100 most trusted Companies while also increasing your income from the comfort of your home? Then why not join Lionbridge as a part-time Independent Contractor. We are currently recruiting for the role of Online Map Quality Analyst in Denmark.
The position will allow you to work from home on a flexible schedule of up to 20 hours per week completing tasks that evaluate online mapping related information. Candidates for this position will need to have good research skills, and a keen interest and understanding of local and national geography.
The Requirements
• Fluency in Danish & English is essential
• Hi speed broadband internet access form a home environment
• Working knowledge of local and national geographical areas
• Experience/know-how of using online maps, route planning and point of interest research
• For cultural, historical and geographical awareness purposes candidates must be resident in Denmark for the last 2 years.
The Work Will Involve
• Reading and applying written guidelines on how to complete the work
• Passing an online evaluation to demonstrate capability
• Completing online mapping and routing related tasks
• Research, using online tools to investigate geographic accuracy of queries
• Ranking or rating information in relation to those tasks
The project may require availability of up to 20 hours per week.
This is a freelance, independent contractor position.

What’s next?
Don’t Delay! Submit your application through and a member of our recruitment team will review your application.

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