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We, the founders of MM-Trade are four enthusiastic people with four different business backgrounds. We saw the strength in combining our different knowledge within Sales and Marketing, Finance, Logistics and IT, and started searching for various products to ensure that the Scandinavian market get nothing but quality products. Our aim is to search and find unique products of good quality, which have proven good results in their home markets and rapidly will prove its justification on the Scandinavian market. We are not afraid to say that we are working for our own benefit, and therefore we can offer our 100% engagement and focus on turning your products into a success. Our strategy is to penetrate the Scandinavian market through toy chain stores, malls, amusement parks and kids accessories chain stores. This will be obtained by personal contacts and exhibitions. Furthermore, we will use the internet as a natural tool and market place and suitable products will be sold by postal orders.

Virksomheden har iøjeblikket ingen ledige stillinger på Job Netværk Danmark.

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