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BlueCom Danmark A/S
Blokken 11-13
3460 Birkeroed
Tlf. 45945555
Fax. 45945500
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BlueCom Danmark A/S is a leading global IT niche distributor, divided into two specialist divisions: The High-End Division and the PC Components Division. The High End Division sells options from IBM, Compaq, HP and SUN including Harddrives, Memory, CPU's, Controllers, Storage and more. The PC Components Division sells a variety of PC components, ranging from CPUs to motherboards and cases. In other words, we supply all you need to build the perfect PC to suit your customers' requirements. All of these products are from the worlds leading manufacturers. The company sells to PC-assemblers, wholesalers and retail chains. BlueCom Danmark A/S only sells to B2B customers who are registered corporate resellers, VARs, retail chains, system integrators, PC assemblers and dealers. Since its foundation the company has remained faithful to the same select product range, establishing its reputation for having an extensive knowledge of technology, logistics, sales and distribution issues within the international IT sector. This knowledge is enhanced by extensive pre- and after sales support, carried out by a specially trained support team. BlueCom Danmark A/S ensures superb value for its partners - customers and suppliers - through a clear focus on volume and by concentrating on a limited number of products. The company has therefore become a favourite partner for the distribution of IT-related products. This is reflected through its long-standing customer and supplier relationships, built on mutual understanding and respect. It is also one of the reasons why some of the world largest brands in the IT market have recognized BlueCom Danmark A/S as an official distributor. The company's strong financial background is acknowledged by the AAA rating awarded by Dun & Bradstreet. By achieving this credit rating, BlueCom Danmark A/S can assure its customers that there simply is a no more stable IT distributor in the global marketplace. Today, BlueCom Danmark A/S employs 50 people at its headquarters in Birkerød, near Copenhagen, Denmark. The highly motivated, professional sales department translates the firm's high standards into business value for customers. This is why the company is one of the most successful worldwide IT distributors in the industry today. We look forward to welcoming you as a partner of BlueCom Danmark A/S Læs evt. mere på:

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