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 Jobs hos Korral Partners A/S
Korral Partners A/S
Kongerns Nytorv 26, 4
1050 København K
Tlf. 39666666
Fax. 39666600
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Korral Partners is an independent corporate advisory and private equity firm focusing on Scandinavian and UK businesses. Operating free of the costs and conflicts of a capital intensive investment banking operation, Korral takes an independent and long-term approach to building client relationships. Using in-depth analysis and market intelligence, Korral provides independent advice and services based on the specific needs of the client company. By providing direct access to equity and debt investors as well as other service providers, Korral can tailor its approach to each individual client company. Korral was founded in 2002 by a team with experience of private equity investing, members of the team have also experience from corporate finance, business development, strategy and marketing.

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